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Jim Cramer’s ‘Mad Money’ Recap: Here’s Why the Bears Were Dead Wrong

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Search Jim Cramer's "Mad Money" trading recommendations using our exclusive "Mad Money" Stock Screener. NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- You'll never hear an apology from the bears when they're wrong, Jim Cramer told his Mad Money viewers Thursday as he called out all those who have been predicting doom and gloom as the Federal Reserve ends its bond buying program. Cramer said the critics of the Fed's quantitative easing had a laundry list of negatives that were supposed to happen, including runaway inflation, soaring interest rates and plummeting stock prices, to name a few. But in reality, the bears have been dead wrong. Cramer said now that the Fed's stimulus is behind us, our GDP grew at a respectable 3.5%, with almost no signs of inflation. As for interest rates, they remain super low, making it a great time to buy a home or finance a car or truck. What about those plummeting stock prices? Most stocks seem to be doing just fine. Must Read: 7 Stocks Warren Buffett Is Selling in 2014 Cramer went on record praising the Fed for a job well done. Thanks to its keen eye on the economy, he said it's a great time to buy technology stocks including Apple , a stock he owns for his charitable trust, Action Alerts PLUS. Cramer also gave the nod to the biotechs, reiterating buys on Celgene , Regeneron , Gilead Sciences and Biogen Idec . So Cramer said while the bears will never admit they are wrong, mainly because they're still hoping they're right, the rest of us should stay the course and keep buying into weakness. Executive Decision: Strauss Zelnick In his first "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer sat down with Strauss Zelnick, chairman and CEO of Take-Two Interactive , which last night posted a 44-cents-a-share loss, which was better than analysts were expecting, along with higher revenue and a guidance bump for 2015. That news sent shares up 11% on the day and a full 46% since Cramer first recommend the stock back in January. Zelnick said that while many analysts have traditionally felt the video game business is all about generating hit after hit, Take-Two actually derives 30% of its revenue from its expansive back-catalog of games, music and merchandise. Zelnick said he has high hopes for the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and expects the current game console upgrade cycle to be just as exciting as the last. He also noted the broadening appeal of gaming, with 48% of Take-Two's customers now being women. Finally, when asked about the company's growing balance sheet, Zelnick said Take-Two now has enough cash to make acquisitions as well as invest in the existing business and still have money to buy back stock. Cramer said that he remains a big fan of Take-Two. Must Read: What the Strong GDP Report Is Really Saying About the Economy Best of Breed Stocks Best of breed stocks don't stay down for long, Cramer reminded viewers as he highlighted just a few names from the market's recent dip that are now well on their way towards a recovery. Cramer said you never know when Bristol-Myers Squibb will have positive things to say about its anti-cancer drugs, but when tit does, you get a 9% pop like we saw today. Then there's Chipotle Mexican Grill , which worried investors with "cautious guidance" but now is well on its way back to where it was before it reported. Other Cramer faves include Honeywell and 3M , companies that innovate regardless of the economic environment. He was also bullish on Action Alerts PLUS names Facebook  and Starbucks . Executive Decision: James Foster In his second "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer spoke with James Foster, chairman, president and CEO of Charles River Labs , which just delivered a 6-cents-a-share earnings beat, sending shares up 2.6%. Shares of Charles River are up 7% since Cramer last checked in this past August. Foster touted his company's acquisition in April of ChanTest as being a big driver of growth for Charles River going forward. He explained that ChanTest allows drug targets to be discovered without the need for animals. Once these targets are identified, drug companies can hone in on these areas faster. Foster called the acquisition a wonderful addition to their portfolio of services. Foster also commented on the recent Ebola outbreak, saying Charles River did help in testing some of the drugs that are now being used to treat the disease. Cramer said Charles River had a great quarter and made a great acquisition. With so many drugs needing their help in discovery and development, owning this stock makes a lot of sense. Must Read: Why Nintendo and Microsoft Are Diving Head-First Into the Health-Tech Business Lightning Round In the Lightning Round, Cramer was bullish on Wabash National , Schlumberger , MGM Resorts , Alliant Techsystems , Energy Transfer Partners and United Parcel Service . Cramer was bearish on Armour Residential , Westport Innovations , Melco PBL Entertainment , Diamond Offshore and YRC Worldwide . Executive Decision: Mike McNamara In a third "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer sat down with Mike McNamara, CEO of Flextronics , a stock that trades at just nine times earnings despite just delivering a 2-cents-a-share earnings beat and having a monster stock buyback program. McNamara said if there's one thing Flextronics has gotten really good at it's generating a lot of free cash flow. That's how the company has been able to continue buying back so much of their own stock over time. When asked about the company's exceedingly strong results, McNamara noted that the windfalls came from execution. As a contract manufacturer, if you complete more items you get paid faster, and that's what happened this quarter. With Flextronics having its hand in many industries -- from medical devices to automotive, aerospace and technology -- McNamara said he's seeing the global economy as stable and not falling apart. Finally, when asked about the wearable device market in particular, McNamara noted that Flextronics currently makes more wearable devices than anyone in the world and is rapidly streamlining operations to make even more items as fitness trackers and smart watches go mainstream. Cramer said he likes all of the industries in which Flextronics participates and continues his recommendation of the stock. Must Read: Retail Investors Flock to Derivatives for Income and Safety To watch replays of Cramer's video segments, visit the Mad Money page on CNBC. To sign up for Jim Cramer's free Booyah! newsletter with all of his latest articles and videos please click here. -- Written by Scott Rutt in Washington, D.C. To email Scott about this article, click here: Scott Rutt Follow Scott on Twitter @ScottRutt or get updates on Facebook, ScottRuttDC

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Jim Cramer’s ‘Mad Money’ Recap: The Bulls Are Back in Charge

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Search Jim Cramer's "Mad Money" trading recommendations using our exclusive "Mad Money" Stock Screener. NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The bulls are back in charge for another day on Wall Street and may be here to stay, Jim Cramer told his Mad Moneyaviewers Tuesday. Cramer exulted that his bull market, Top 10 checklist from last week has been completed. It's hard to believe that it's only been eight days since Cramer introduced his "No Bottom Until" list of 10 itemsathat had to happen before the markets could have a sustainable rally. But all 10 items have largely come true, he said. Must Read: 10 Stocks Billionaire John Paulson Loves in 2014 First, Ebola fears have subsided now that the U.S. government is taking decisive action to contain the disease. Second, every sector of the market has suffered at the handsaof the bears, making their stocks more attractive. Third, the speculative stocks -- think Netflix a-- have also retreated from their lofty heights. Fourth, Cramer said oil prices have found their footing over the past eight days, welcome news for the oil stocks. Fifth, the tech stocks have stabilized, thanks to strong earnings from Apple and others. Sixth, Germany has admitted that maybe, just maybe, it needs to do more to bolster its ailing economy, along with the rest of Europe. Seventh, the markets have seen numerous companies report strong earnings beats with forecast raises. Eighth, the market's technical indicators have largely stabilized. Finally, the Baltic Freight index has found its footing, meaning that China may be stabilizing. Over in the Middle East, ISIS has suffered its first major defeat. With all of these items largely in the past, Cramer said he'd be a buyer, not a seller, on any future pullbacks in the market. The Industrials Are Back After being beaten down for months, are the industrial stocks finally showing signs of a bottom? Cramer said he thinks they are because there has been a string of positive news influencing the group. First, Cramer said that there has been a lot of good corporate news in the industrial sector of late, with stocksaIllinois Tool Works , United Technologies , Honeywell and PPG all having good things to say recently. Then there's Germany, which could be reversing direction on its economic policies to make Europe, and its currencies, stronger. This would make a weaker U.S. dollar, which would be terrific for industrial stock earnings going forward. China is weak, yes, Cramer admitted, but that's precisely the time to bet on China. Things can only improve from here. Other positives for the industrials include pent-up infrastructure demand and an aerospace sector that's on the mend now that Ebola fears are largely behind us. Put all of these positives together and Cramer said you get an industrial sector that's poised to head a lot higher. Must Read: 3 Biggest Takeaways From Apple's Strong Earnings Report Off the Charts In the "Off The Charts" segment, Cramer went head to head with colleague Bob Lang over the charts of media content providers Walt Disney , Viacom , CBS , Twenty-First Century Fox , Time Warner and Netflix . Starting with Disney, Lang noted that after hitting bottom last Wednesday, shares of Disney have been snapping back on rising volume, with a bullish crossover in the MACD momentum indicator imminent. Shares of Viacom have been crushed since July, Lang noted, but are also starting to rebound, with the MACD showing positive signs. CBS displays a similar pattern, with a strong sell off since July, but strong institutional buying over the past few days. Shares of Twenty-First Century Fox were obliterated after making a double top earlier in 2014, Lang said, and appear to now be rangebound between $30 and $35 a share. He suggested buying around $30 and selling near $35. Lang said Time Warner had the best chart of the bunch, rallying recently on heavy volume and having a MACD that has already seen a bullish crossover. Time Warner's weekly trend also confirmed these bullish moves. Finally, Lang has good things to say about Netflix, but only for investors willing to be patient because the stock needs to consolidate at its new lower levels before being able to rally again. Cramer said he agreed with Lang's research and would be a buyer of Disney, Viacom, CBS and Time Warner. Executive Decision:aJim Reid-Anderson For his "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer spoke with Jim Reid-Anderson, chairman, president and CEO of Six Flags , which today delivered a 6-cents-a-share earnings beat and a 10% boost in its dividend. Shares of Six Flag responded by rallying 9%. Reid-Anderson said Six Flags' success stems from innovation at every one of its theme parks. He said there is something new in every park and the new attractions have been record-breakers, helping his company deliver 16 record quarters over the past four years. Reid-Anderson said while there are always doubters of Six Flags, he has kept his promises, returning over $1.4 billion to shareholders over the past four years. He said the theme park business offers stable recurring revenues which has led to their strong earnings per share growth. Cramer said that he's still a big fan of Six Flags. Must Read: The Federal Reserve Is Causing Global Markets to Drop Again Lightning Round In the Lightning Round, Cramer was bullish on Vectren , Dominion Resources , Texas Instruments , Chubb , Travelers Companies , Home Depot and Berkshire Hathaway . Cramer was bearish on Blackberry . Executive Decision: Jeffrey Spaeder In his second "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer spoke with with Dr. Jeffrey Spaeder, chief medical and scientific officer of Quintiles , about the recent Ebola outbreak and how drug makers are responding. Spaeder said that there are a couple of Ebola vaccines under development and it's expected that Phase I studies will be completed by the end of 2014. Phase II studies could begin as early as 2015. Spaeder also noted that given the severity of Ebola, the regulating bodies around the globe are working closely with drug makers and won't require drugs go through all three phases of testing if they can gather enough data to show they are effective and safe. He said companies are working as fast as they can to gather the right information on the dosing requirements that will offer protection but also safety. Must Read: Ebola Stocks May Be Overpriced as Fundamentals Outweigh Fear To watch replays of Cramer's video segments, visit the Mad Money page on CNBC. To sign up for Jim Cramer's free Booyah! newsletter with all of his latest articles and videos please click here. -- Written by Scott Rutt in Washington, D.C. To email Scott about this article, click here: Scott Rutt Follow Scott on Twitter @ScottRutt or get updates on Facebook, ScottRuttDC

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Jim Cramer’s ‘Mad Money’ Recap: Stick With Apple Over IBM

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Search Jim Cramer's "Mad Money" trading recommendations using our exclusive "Mad Money" Stock Screener. NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- In the technology world, relevance matters, Jim Cramer said on Mad MoneyaMonday. Nowhere is that more evident than in the earnings of Apple and IBM , both of which reported today. Cramer said that Apple, a stock he owns for his charitable trust, Action Alerts PLUS, is a perennial innovator, a cheap growth stock that shouldn't be traded but owned for the long term. It's no wonder shares of Apple are up 26% for the year. Must Read: 10 Stocks Billionaire John Paulson Loves in 2014 But then there's IBM, an expensive stock with no innovation or growth at all, said Cramer. This stock deserved to fall 7% on its earnings news. Cramer said IBM is simply no longer an important name in the tech world. The only bright spot in the company's earnings was IBM's newly forged partnership with Apple and its stock buyback program. IBM needs a plan, Cramer said, a bold acquisition to once again make itself relevant. With so many businesses leaving IBM's legacy platforms in favor of the cloud, he only hopes the company has the time and the funds make it happen. Dethroning King Digital Sometimes a hideous initial public offering is just the beginning, Cramer warned viewers. That has certainly been the case with King Digital Entertainment , makers of the popular mobile game Candy Crush. After falling 15% below its IPO price back on March 25, King Digital has only seen its shares continue to falter, down 40% for the year to just over $11 a share. Cramer said the initial analyst recommendations of King were overwhelmingly positive. Unfortunately, they were also overwhelmingly wrong. The logic at the time was that King was a much better stock than Zynga , the last mobile gaming company to crash and burn in the stock market. King was indeed cheaper than Zynga, with better earnings and growth. But calling a stock better than one of the worst stocks of all time is not a reason to buy, Cramer concluded. Growth is slowing significantly at King, Cramer noted, and it appears that Candy Crush may indeed be a one-hit wonder. Making matters worse, a full 80% of King's shares are still in an extended lockup period. Cramer said when that lockup expires there could be another flood of selling as insiders try and salvage whatever value may be left in their shares. Must Read: Apple Blows Past Estimates on Huge iPhone Sales, Upbeat Holiday Forecast Panera's Comeback Story Investors looking for a terrific comeback story that's levered to a more positive American consumer need look no further than AAP holdingaPanera Bread , Cramer told viewers. Shares of Panera have been faltering over the past two years, Cramer explained, but lately the stock has been able to rally nearly 5% when the broader S&P 500 declined by 3.5%. Why? Because the company's Panera 2.0 store concept, which it has been testing in Boston and Charlotte, is beginning to bear fruit. Cramer said Panera has seen a series of missteps in recent years, but the Panera 2.0 concept not only improves the customer experience but it also allows the restaurant to serve customers faster. The Panera 2.0 redesign costs more and took a lot longer than Wall Street was expecting, said Cramer, which caused many investors to turn too negative. But now that the big investments are winding down, there are only positives to look forward to. Panera 2.0 should be in 750 locations by the end of 2015 and everywhere by 2016. If the test markets are any indication, the new Panera should enjoy double-digit increases in same-store sales at a time when the price of corn, wheat and soy is falling. Cramer said with Panera shares trading at 23 times earnings with a 14% growth rate, the stock is just too cheap, especially given that the comparisons get a lot easier after the company reports its earnings in just a few days' time. Cramer recommended investors buy half of their position ahead of those earnings and the rest on any weakness created afterwards. Healthy Drug Distributors With over 10 million Americans now enrolled in Obamacare, Cramer said things are looking up for the drug distributors McKesson , Cardinal Health and AmerisourceBergen . The logic is simple, Cramer said. More patients with insurance will consume more medication. The pharmacies seeing their margins getting squeezed but the drug distributors are seeing theirs expand because they can now buy generic drugs for less than ever before. Cramer said the trends in the health care market will likely be a tailwind for the distributors for years. Of the three, McKesson is his favorite because the company affords investors multiple ways to win with its surgical supply and health care information businesses. Second on Cramer's list is Cardinal Health. He likes the company's new agreement with CVS Health and Cardinal Health'satraditionally conservative guidance. Cramer added that AmerisourceBergen is also a winner, although not his favorite. Must Read: Billionaire Investors' Top Stocks: Biggest Gainers in 2014 Lightning Round In the Lightning Round, Cramer was bullish on RR Donnelley , Nucor , Skyworks Solutions , Fiat and Dow Chemical . Cramer was bearish on Ruckus Wireless , United States Steel , Plug Power , Sierra Wireless and LyondellBasell Industries . No Huddle Offense In his "No Huddle Offense" segment, Cramer said the buyers are back, and they're circling back to the winners. Among Cramer's favorites are Domino's Pizza , Nike and Pepsico , along with the cruise stocks now that the Ebola fears are waning. Other winners included Costco and hotels like Marriott , along with the airlines and other travel-related names. Must Read: Timberland Owner VF Corp. Is 'Looking Hard' for More Acquisitions To watch replays of Cramer's video segments, visit the Mad Money page on CNBC. To sign up for Jim Cramer's free Booyah! newsletter with all of his latest articles and videos please click here. -- Written by Scott Rutt in Washington, D.C. To email Scott about this article, click here: Scott Rutt Follow Scott on Twitter @ScottRutt or get updates on Facebook, ScottRuttDC

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Markets End Higher Monday, Despite Dow’s Earlier Triple-Digit Drop

Monday, October 20th, 2014
Stocks managed to end Monday's session in the green, despite the Dow's triple digit losses earlier in the trading session.

What to Watch on Wall Street for the Week of Oct. 20, 2014

Sunday, October 19th, 2014
In the week ahead, we have some heavy hitters coming up in the midst of earnings season, including Apple, Amazon and Ford.

Jim Cramer’s ‘Mad Money’ Recap: Here’s Next Week’s Game Plan

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Search Jim Cramer's "Mad Money" trading recommendations using our exclusive "Mad Money" Stock Screener. NEW YORK (TheStreet) --aNext week's earnings news could offer clues on what to buy for the rest of the year, an upbeat Jim Cramer told his Mad Moneyaviewers Friday. On Monday, Cramer said, he'll be watching earnings from Apple , a stock he owns for his charitable trust, Action Alerts PLUS, along with Chipotle Mexican Grill , apparel maker VF Corp and IBM . Cramer said Apple remains a long-term buy, as is Chipotle, down 50 points from its highs. If VF Corp reports strong earnings, Cramer said, that will be a cue to buy other retail names. As for IBM, Cramer said this stock is just not worth owning. Must Read: 7 Stocks Warren Buffett Is Selling in 2014 Next, on Tuesday, it's Yahoo! , Coca-Cola and Kimberly-Clark in the spotlight. Cramer said he'd buy Yahoo! into any weakness, but he likes Pepsico in the consumer packaged-goods space much more than either Coke or Kimberly. Wednesday brings earnings from Boeing , another stock Cramer likes on weakness as the company aims to free itself from the global malaise. Then, on Thursday, a pair of industrial names:a3M and Caterpillar . Cramer said 3M is a buy, buy, buy if it reports good things, and even Caterpillar should surprise to the upside. As for Amazon, Cramer said he prefers Alibaba . Finally, on Friday, it's Bristol-Myers Squibb and Procter & Gamble reporting. Cramer said he'd be a buyer of both stocks. What the Heck? In his "What The Heck?" segment, Cramer looked into Dr Pepper Snapple , our nation's number three soft drink maker, which has managed to rack up a 30% gain since 2014 began and 14% since Cramer last recommended it in May. Cramer said Dr Pepper has managed to outperform both Coke and Pepsi in recent months and is now the top dog in the non-cola category thanks to a terrific portfolio of brands including Mott's, A&W, Margaritaville and countless others. There are huge barriers to enter the soft drink business, Cramer told viewers, which is why Dr Pepper pretty much only competes with the big two of Coke and Pepsi. The company is a superior operator with 21% operating margins, he continued. Dr Pepper has bought back $2.5 billion worth of its own stock and recently boosted its dividend by 8%. Trading at just 16.7 times earnings, Cramer said Dr Pepper is a steal compared to Coke with a 19.9 multiple. Cramer said he'd be a buyer of Dr Pepper Snapple on any weakness. Must Read: Stock Market on Emotional Roller Coaster May Be Turning Optimistic Cramer Revisits His Top 10 List Oh, what a difference a week makes. On Monday, Cramer outlined his top 10 list of thingsathe market needed to see before if would be safe to start buying again. Today, many of those items came true. Cramer said with today's appointment of an Ebola czar, confidence has been restored. Check. All sectors of the stock market have sold off. Check. Speculative stocks have fallen into line. See Netflix , check. Oil prices have found their footing. Check. Stabilization in the tech sector and an end to sanctions in Russia? Well, not yet, but things look like they may be moving in a positive direction, Cramer said. Earnings beats and raises? We got those with Honeywell , General Electric and Schlumberger . Check. As for the market's technical indicators, the VIX, a measure of volatility is indeed retreating. Check. Is a Chinese stimulus package in the cards? Cramer said some rumors say yes, so a check may be coming this weekend. Finally, there's ISIS, which did suffer its first defeat and retreated. Check. With so many items now off the list, Cramer said it is safe to do some buying of quality stocks that have been beaten down hard this week. Hidden Stock Gems Don't let market sentiment distract you from winning stocks, Cramer told viewers as he put the spotlight onaa few hidden gems the market simply missed amid all the panic. Cramer said PPG's quarter was initially seen as disappointing when it reported yesterday. But upon further review things were terrific and the stock rallied 2.8% today. Both Bank of America and Goldman Sachs , two Action Alerts PLUS holdings, also saw huge profits that were largely ignored when they reported. Cramer said he remains a fan of both companies. Alcoa started off this earnings season with a beautiful quarter, Cramer noted, but that beauty was not recognized until today's 6.6% rally in the stock. Finally, there's Walt Disney , which received an analyst downgrade in the middle of a very tough week in the markets. Cramer said that analyst was wrong and the market now agrees. Must Read: The 6 Best and Worst Stock Performers of This October Selloff Lightning Round In the Lightning Round, Cramer was bullish on Universal Insurance , Mettler-Toledo International , Gilead Sciences , Celgene , Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Molson Coors . Cramer was bearish on SeaDrill Limited , Silicon Graphics and LinnCo . Am I Diversified? In the "Am I Diversified?" segment, Cramer spoke with callers and responded to tweets sent via Twitter to @JimCramer to see if investors' portfolios have what it takes for today's markets. The first portfolio included Seattle Genetics , Walt Disney, Manitowoc , New York Community Bank and Sunoco Logistics . Cramer said he is not a fan of New York Community Bank but otherwise this portfolio was properly diversified. The second portfolio's top holdings included Alibaba , Ford , Gilead Sciences, GoPro and Schlumberger.a Cramer said GoPro is too pricey at current levels but this portfolio had nice diversification. The third portfolio had Alcoa, Home Depot , Ford, Sprint and John Deere as its top five stocks. Cramer blessed this portfolio as properly diversified. Must Read: KKR Looks to Get More Bang for Its Buck in Strategy Shift To watch replays of Cramer's video segments, visit the Mad Money page on CNBC. To sign up for Jim Cramer's free Booyah! newsletter with all of his latest articles and videos please click here. -- Written by Scott Rutt in Washington, D.C. To email Scott about this article, click here: Scott Rutt Follow Scott on Twitter @ScottRutt or get updates on Facebook, ScottRuttDC

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Cramer: Not Crazy for CAT but Buy Apple if It Sells Off on Report

Friday, October 17th, 2014
Jim Cramer says don't pay attention to the analysts who comment on Apple's report -- he says Apple is a buy if it pulls back following its results.

Wild Day for Stocks With a Virtually Flat Close; Dow Lower

Thursday, October 16th, 2014
It was a volatile day on Wall Street. After dropping more than 200 points, the blue chips ended the session pretty much where they started -- just a bit lower.

Rally to Break Losing Streak Loses Steam; Dow Closes Lower

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014
Wall Street started the day rallying on track to break a three-day losing streak, but at the end lost steam and closed mixed on Tuesday.

Jim Cramer’s ‘Mad Money’ Recap: Expect More Market Treachery

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Search Jim Cramer's "Mad Money" trading recommendations using our exclusive "Mad Money" Stock Screener. NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Until all of the negatives are priced into the market, expect more treachery, Jim Cramer told his Mad Moneyaviewers Thursday after another hideous market tumble. Cramer said investors need to hold steady and keep their cash ready for when the bottom finally reveals itself. Cramer said money managers don't know what to think about the state of world affairs. Europe could indeed be heading into another recession, or perhaps there will be a quick resolution to the Ukraine standoff. The Ebola outbreak could be getting a lot worse, or it could soon be contained. With all this uncertainty it's no wonder the markets fluctuate based on the news of the day, reversing from the day before and likely reversing again the day after. Must Read: 10 Stocks Carl Icahn Loves in 2014 But one thing we know for sure, said Cramer: Europe is using 5% less oil than it did last year, and that is not good news for the industrials like Alcoa . Despite doing everything an investor could want, Alcoa shares will likely still see more weakness, Cramer said. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to ramp up its oil production, sending oil prices ever lower, ensuring more weakness for that sector as well. Cramer said he's not advocating investors sell everything until Europe finally resolves itself because things could change on a dime, leaving those not in the markets out in the cold. But in the short term, Cramer said, investors should keep their cash at the ready until stocks finally become cheap enough that even Europe won't matter. Leave the Winners Alone! Note to activist investors: Stop picking on the winners and go after the underperformers. That was Cramer's advice to those going after Indra Nooyi at Pepsico , David Pyott of Allergan and Tim Cook at Apple , a stock Cramer owns for his charitable trust, Action Alerts PLUS. Cramer said Pepsico has become a star in the consumer packaged-goods space with fantastic earnings, which is why calls to break up the company make no sense. Likewise with Allergan, which continues to raise guidance and create value at every turn. Then there's Carl Icahn's assaultaon Apple, the hedge fund king somehow implying the company is not giving its all for shareholders. Cramer said Tim Cook should be celebrated for all he's done with the company and for shareholders, not pressed for even more. Must Read: How 3 Stocks Turned Activist Hedge Funds Into Long-Term Investors Cramer said activists play an important role in the market, but it's clear they can do a lot more good by leaving these three companies alone and looking elsewhere. Buying Into Security With so many stocks just not working at the moment, Cramer said investors need to look for stocks that have nothing to do with Europe, China or Ebola and stick with long-term trends that get more attractive as stocks head lower. One of those trends remains cybersecurity, Cramer explained, an industry that's expected to balloon to $86 billion by 2016. Cramer said he remains a fan ofaPalo Alto Networks , a stock that's up 124% over the past 12 months, but also of newcomer CyberArk Software , which rallied 86% on its initial public offeringajust a week ago but has since fallen with the markets. Cramer explained that hackers typically target what are known as privileged accounts, users whoahave high levels of access on a network. Once a privileged account has been compromised, hackers essentially have the keys to the kingdom to do what they please. But CyberArk's niche is itamonitors and protects privileged accounts, a niche that has allowed the company to grow 33% during its latest quarter, at very high gross margins. Cramer said that CyberArk is still pricey, trading at 7.3 times sales, but the stock also has a catalyst coming because analysts are set to begin covering the company in just a week and a half. Cramer said for a trade he'd endorse owning CyberArk as the investment bankers that brought the company public just a week ago aren't likely to have many bad things to say about it just a few weeks later. Executive Decision:aKevin Miles In his "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer sat down with Kevin Miles, president and CEO of Zoes Kitchen , the fast-causal restaurant chain with 125 locations, mainly in the southern U.S. Zoes came public in April at $15 a share and now trades at $32 a share. Miles explained that Zoes is a unique concept in the restaurant space, acting more as a lifestyle brand than an eatery. He said Zoes offers fresh Mediterranean foods and maintains more of a one-to-one relationship with many of its customers. Miles saidacustomers today want great-tasting, healthy food but also the transparency to know where that food comes from and what's in it. Must Read: Carl Icahn Sees Apple Shares 50% Undervalued After New Products Cramer said Zoes is the company to watch in the fast-casual space. Lightning Round In the Lightning Round, Cramer was bullish on Kinder Morgan and Vanguard Natural Resources . Cramer was bearish on Timken Steel , Martin Midstream Partners , Netflix , Tesla Motors and United Rentals . Executive Decision:aMichael Mears In his second "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer sat down with Michael Mears, chairman, president and CEO of pipeline operator Magellan Midstream Partners , a stock that currently yields 3.25%. Mears said there is indeed a glut of oil in the U.S., which creates multiple opportunities for infrastructure players like Magellan. He noted that with technology and efficiency improving by the day, the forecasts for just how much oil the U.S. has is shocking. That's why Magellan is now starting to think that its two major pipelines in the Permian Basin may not be enough to handle the increased production. When asked whether too much oil could send prices sharply lower, Mears noted that until U.S. refineries reach full capacity that won't happen. However, that scenario is likely in another one or two years if the U.S. doesn't allow more exports. Mears said Magellan is preparing for increased exports because the company is investing in splitters to separate diesel and jet fuel from gasoline precursors so that just what needs to be exported can be exported. Must Read: Apple's Larger iPhones Steal Headlines for Upcoming Media Event Cramer said there are a lot of good things happening at Magellan, even though you wouldn't know it by looking at the oil stocks as a whole. To watch replays of Cramer's video segments, visit the Mad Money page on CNBC. To sign up for Jim Cramer's free Booyah! newsletter with all of his latest articles and videos please click here. -- Written by Scott Rutt in Washington, D.C. To email Scott about this article, click here: Scott Rutt Follow Scott on Twitter @ScottRutt or get updates on Facebook, ScottRuttDC

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